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About us



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STREET MONKEY, is a brand born from the experience of more than 36 years in the world of fashion clothing for children 0 to 16 years.

We present a design loaded with color, current, with personality. An urban design following the current trends and with very competitive prices according to the current market situation.

In the last season its introduction at national and international level has been very important and within the forecast of commercial development we highlight countries where we have already been able to introduce ourselves as Japan, USA, Mexico, Ireland, Italy and Portugal.

In addition, our network of national representatives give service to the entire Spanish territory so that all our customers are served with the dedication that has always characterized us.

The designs are renewed each season by our design team, according to trends and fabrics, developing two samples a year, Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter, manufactured strictly complying with European regulations in terms of textile safety required.

Our clients will find in these collections a response to the needs of clothing for boys and girls as well as our own search for trends, we take into account their opinions and their requests before developing our collections.

Our company philosophy is seriousness, dedication, enthusiasm, quality and good service.

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